Taxi Rosamilia, Chur

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Handicapped Taxi                 

Taxi Rosamilia offers a transportation service with comfort for handicapped persons. Special vehicle for wheelchair.

We work together with the MobIlita foundation

Mobilita is a non-profit organisation, which is committed to improving the mobility of people with disabilities in the canton of Grison.

  • Mobilita offers discounted taxis for people who are financially and healthily dependent on them (according to the guidelines).
  • Mobilita sees itself as a starting point for questions and concerns regarding disability and mobility in the Canton of Grison.

Mobilita always offers you the latest information on mobility and disability.

Our company is recommended by Mobilita to transport people with disabilities.
We promise you a safe and relaxed transportation in our specially designed vehicle. The price for a wheelchair in the city of Chur costs CHF 28.00 per trip, outward journeys according to the price list with a surcharge of CHF 12.00.

‚ÄčWhat does the Mobilita foundation offer?
The service is aimed at all those who cannot use public transport or only under very difficult conditions. (E.g. Persons who receive an IV pension or AHV pension, reside in the canton of Graubünden and suffer mobility impairment due to physical, mental, psychological or perceptual impairments.

Eligible persons receive a Swiss ID card for disabled persons and coupons from the Mobilita for discounted taxi fares for leisure travel.

If you have any questions regarding the benefits of travel coupons for leisure travels, please do not hesitate to
contact the Stiftung Mobilita, Chur:

Stiftung Mobilita

Fahrdienst für Menschen
mit Behinderungen
Hartbertstrasse 10
7000 Chur
Tel. 081 250 58 40


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