Taxi Rosamilia, Chur

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 Taxi Rosamilia                  

About us
Taxi Rosamilia has been in service for the past 40 years working for you around the clock!

Taxi Rosamilia started the business on the 1st December 1979. Meanwhile our taxi company is a proud asset to the town of chur.  It's nice to be the "oldest" taxi company in the city of Chur.

In 1979 Nicola Rosamilia started its business with her daughter Filomena. In 2004 Nicola Rosamilia retired. Since then his daugther Filomena Mary Abeyesekere and his son Emidio Rosamilia are running the business.

We are proud to be the Number 1 Taxi company since 40 years in Chur.

Our cars
We have eight yellow cabs with special care for disabled customers on wheelchairs. Four cars are eco-friendly, clean and noiseless - Toyota Prius with the hybrid technology.

Our slogan
We are punctual, reliable, flexible, customer and eco-friendly.

Our service
At any time - 365 days of the year, around the clock we provide you a perfect taxi service. For all who want to arrive punctual, comfortable and with an excellent service to the destination – Taxi Rosamilia!

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